Forbes, "Three Conversations Professional Women Should Have With Their Partner"

#MeToo feels more like a revelation than a revolution. For all the progress this national conversation has made, its effects are still relatively detached from most women’s experiences. In fact, according to a recent study conducted jointly by Fairy Godboss, The Female Quotient, and Progyny, a full three-quarters of women surveyed report that #MeToo hasn’t meaningfully impacted their workplaces; women are still facing a long uphill battle toward equality at work.

At present, it’s clear that company policies and how they’re enforced have a long way to go; real change from the top is going to be slow moving. The truth is that change happens on the ground via real-life conversations and encounters. One way we as women can start making our professional lives at least a little bit better is to start having difficult conversations with our partners (especially if that partner is a man) to create the foundations of professional success