Forbes, "How Goldman Sachs Is Making A Revolutionary Pitch For Workplace Equality"

In just the last few years, the conversation surrounding women’s equality has been wide-ranging, ever-evolving, and contentious; from #MeToo, to the reflexive and often violent backlash, it seems that the cultural reevaluation of how women fit into society is deservedly at the center of the public discourse. At the core of it has been the growing awareness of how women are systematically held back. These problems affect women in every field, and it’s not hard to imagine how this continues to happen; for one, women are not recruited or promoted in anywhere near the numbers of their male counterparts, which just creates a feedback loop of self-perpetuating bias. This isn’t a secret. It’s never been a secret.

Which is what makes the news coming out of Goldman Sachs so exciting: a policy change aimed at fundamentally reinventing hiring culture at one of the biggest financial firms in the world.